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I found 29 Seconds easy to use and extremely quick to respond. And it cost me zero money to set it up!


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Awesome – in 29 seconds I really had an insurance plan. The process of comparing, understanding, selecting and organizing our insurance was crystal clear to me.



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There are three parts to our service.

First, we offer a comparison of insurance quotes online, which makes sure you can smartly and transparently compare insurance prices.

Second, we make sure the insurance company assess your application quickly and fairly.

And third, if you ever need to change your cover or claim, we're here to make it easy for you.

When you start a policy through 29 Seconds, the insurance company that you choose pays us a fee. Zero cost to you.

That's how we create insurance quote online magic for you.

We think there are four things to consider:

  • Price
  • Financial Strength
  • Quality of Policy
  • Customer Service

Ongoing service is a big part of what we do.

We're here to help with questions, changes to your cover and of course help and guidance come claim time.

We also offer personalised advice for a tailored advice package suited to your needs through JD Life - specialists that you can trust.

29s offers the insurer's "standard" premiums, and on top, as part of trusing in us to sort you out, we give you 25% cash back on your first years premiums as a way of us working together to protect your loved ones and business needs.

Let me guess – you don't have time to sort out insurances.

There's a lot of jargon, so many things to take care of, and who has time for insurances? That's where sorting your insurance quotes online can help.

By doing your insurance quotes online, it cuts out the middleman for a standard price, you can choose exactly how much cover you want, in no time.

Having the right insurance in place for you is worth the time and money, because the same dollar could be spent more wisely to give you more coverage and savings.

The beauty of 29 seconds is you can achieve this in a small space of time, all at the leisure of your home.

It's not a pleasing thought that you may be paying more than you need to for your insurances.

At 29 seconds, you can check your insurance quotes online and know exactly how much you are paying for your cover.

It's definitely a good feeling when you lock in a new price and make that saving so you can purchase your new shoes.

Having ensured savings for a number of average Kiwis, it's been amazing to help out the everyday people in everyday life.

At 29 seconds, insurance quotes online is quick and easy. Get your insurance quotes online sorted today.

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Here's some bed time reading for you about insurances.

Life insurance pays you a sum of money in the inevitable event of death. Just like they say, there's two things certain in life - death and taxes.

Taking out Life Insurance will prepare you for the inevitable should it happen.

This insurance provides you a lump sum fee upon death. The insurance not only gives you tax free money in this case, but it can give you additional inbuilt and other benefits too. Namely, terminal illness booster which you get paid if you are diagnosed with a terminally ill disease and you will die. The life insurance will pay you in this instance.

Life insurance can be a good idea to leave money behind to pay off your mortgage, clear debts, and provide certainty for your loved ones.

Other little benefits that life insurance can give you are funeral advancements that give you some early payments should immediate funeral costs arise, and grief support so that it takes care of your family and loved ones when you need it most.

Life insurance is great, isn't it?

Trauma insurance is another lump sum type payment of insurance.

"Did you know that there are 3082 registrations each year and 602 deaths from prostate cancer each year1 and 2800 women get diagnosed by breast cancer every year in NZ2?"

Wouldn't it be nice if you could paid on this unpleasant event? That's what trauma insurance is for, depending on the provider it covers 43 major medical conditions including conditions such as heart attack or cancer.

This type of insurance is good for your peace of mind - usually, a good plan is to work out how much you earn a year, then insure that amount. In this way, should you suffer a major condition you know that the trauma insurance will pay you out and you have one year of time off that you can spend to get back into the right headspace.

Alternatively you can use the money to do a bucket list - going sky diving, buying a fast car, or upgrading your shoes. Whatever it is, it's designed to accomplish freedom should a trauma event occur to you.

1. Ministry of Health, 2007 - 2009
2. Courtenay Medical, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 2016;https://cmed.co.nz/

Income protection insurance is an ongoing payment that you receive in case you can't work. While you could suffer a major setback to your ability to earn, your finances and lifestyle shouldn't have to suffer the problem - this insurance is the answer to this problem.

By having an income Protection insurance plan in place, life can continue without having a huge financial impact and you won't have to suffer the stress or overwhelm when the truck hits the fan. This is a big deal because sometimes we think that ACC covers our insurance needs in New Zealand, however there are circumstances that ACC doesn't pay.

Income protection insurance is made for these kinds of events where it can cover you when ACC doesn't. Other little bits of benefits can include total disablement cover that pays you a monthly amount of money should you become totally and permanently disabled, partial disability cover which also pays you a monthly benefit should you remain partially disabled for the rest of your life.

Depending on the provider, there's also a treat for females - should you get pregnant, the premiums can be paid by the insurance companies!

Your home is more than a shelter. It is the witness of your ups and downs. Provides you comfort and security. Purchasing your home is one of the largest financial commitments you made.

The moment you commit yourself to a home loan, your lender expects that you will be paying the agreed mortgage repayment regularly, regardless if you are disabled or not.

Mortgage Repayment Insurance is important because it provides you with a monthly payment in the event that you can't work due to an illness or an accident.

Having this in place reduces the financial impact on your family and you can have a peace of mind that your dependents will not need to carry the burden of repaying your mortgage should you not able to earn due a disability.

In the event that your employer stops paying after you've exhausted your sick and annual pay, this cover pays till you return to work. All you have to focus on is your recovery.

There are lots of ways to save up for health insurance and to help you on planning to get the best health insurance cover that fits your needs; here at 29seconds we listed down the top 10 ways to save...

Protecting your house through mortgage insurance, how is this possible? Your house is more than just a shelter; it is a place where you and your family create memories together that you will treasure...

Quality of Life - what is it? Before we delve right into it, try to look outside your window and imagine an environment full of green trees while everyone’s jogging, biking and walking with their dogs...

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